Curated Promotional Content Bundle


Explore our curated sponsored content packages, tailored for publication on our esteemed online magazine. Every promotional bundle unit grants you the opportunity to feature five marketing pieces. Acquiring two promotional bundles entitles you to feature ten marketing narratives, and the pattern continues. For acquisitions of two or more content bundles (equivalent to ten articles or more), apply the discount code ‘eserfor10’ to receive a 10% reduction.

The sponsored article comes with unrestricted word count, unlimited imagery, and no cap on outbound links.

We adhere to Google’s guidelines by attaching a ‘sponsored’ tag, without specifying ‘do follow’ or ‘no follow’ attributes.

We selectively publish articles that resonate with our site’s ethos, focusing on content related to tourism, financial products, and relocation. Please refrain from submitting health-promotional products or services, as they are currently outside our publication criteria. Should we decide against publishing any of the articles you’ve submitted, we will either refund the full amount or adjust the refund based on the extent of package usage.

Upon completing your payment, please forward your materials to: or via our Contact page.