By Jenny Katz

Oh my gosh! Today was like stepping into a fairytale, only it was real! Or as real as Disneyland can get, I guess. We woke up early and headed straight to the parks. Dad had everything organized (per usual), and we used the GetYourGuide site for the day pass. With the option for two parks, we chose Disneyland Park, and oh boy, did we make the most of it!

First Impressions

The moment I stepped in, the air was filled with a mix of popcorn, fairy dust, and what I think dreams probably smell like. Every corner of the park was like a slice of a different world, from the moonlit sky of ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’ to the raucous fun of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Tom was as amazed as I was, though I suspect he was looking for candy stores the whole time.


  1. Meeting Characters: I had my little notebook and pen ready for autographs, and I was not disappointed. I met Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and even Elsa! They were all so friendly; it was like meeting celebrities but better.
  2. The Rides: I braced myself for Big Thunder Mountain and even dared the Star Wars Mountain. I loved Big Thunder Mountain, but Star Wars was not really my cup of tea. I guess I don’t need that much of an adrenaline rush to feel alive!
  3. The Shows and Parades: These were enchanting. Tom couldn’t stop laughing during “Together: a Pixar Musical Adventure.” I felt like I was inside my favorite movies, and the performances were top-notch.
Disneyland paris
Disney Paris

The Not-So-Great

Honestly, everything looked so perfect that I wondered if it was all a bit too rehearsed, even robotic. And why is it that they only had popcorn as a snack in carts? I mean, it’s Paris! Where are the croissants and macarons?

A Moment of Reflection

As the night drew near, Sleeping Beauty Castle illuminated, and the sky filled with sparklers. I was spellbound. It made me miss home a little, but also made me realize how much magic there is in the world. Still, nothing compares to the quiet serenity of our suburb in Cumming, Georgia. There, I feel a different kind of magic—natural and unscripted.

Tom’s Pearls of Wisdom

Tom leaned over during the show of colorful lights and said, “Do you think the castle is made of candy and the sounds are popcorn popping?”

Overall Experience

Despite some minor glitches, I’d say it was a day well-spent. I’d rate it a 4.5 out of 5. It’s a unique world that I’m glad I experienced, but a part of me knows it’s a world I wouldn’t want to live in forever. The real magic for me lies in the simple, everyday things—like a quiet evening with my family or a stunning sunset in a new land.

I guess I’m kind of an old soul. Would Anne of Green Gables feel the same way? Well, Mom would know; she says my voice sometimes reminds her of Anne. So, I guess it’s onto our next adventure!

Jenny 🌟

P.S. I was amazed that they had wheelchair accessibility and health measures. It’s really inclusive, and that’s something I appreciate. I hope other places we visit are as considerate.

Link for the 1 day pass

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