In today’s digital age, content marketing remains a powerful tool to position brands, tell stories, and engage with targeted audiences. Our Online Magazine is an esteemed platform, offering a unique channel to showcase your narrative and reach a wide readership. Here are two stellar opportunities to consider:

1. Premium Single Article Showcase

The spotlight is set for your brand. With our team handling content creation at no extra cost, you have the exclusive opportunity to showcase your brand story prominently in our esteemed online magazine.

  • Unrestricted Word Count: Let your story flow without constraints.
  • Unlimited Imagery: A picture is worth a thousand words. Include as many as you deem necessary.
  • No Cap on Outbound Links: Drive our readers directly to your website or landing pages.

Remember, our adherence to Google’s best practices guarantees your article is tagged ‘sponsored’, keeping it compliant while letting you focus on your message.

Our focus is on articles related to tourism, financial products, and relocation. While we love a plethora of content, we do request that you hold off on health-promotional products or services submissions, as they currently fall outside our publishing scope. And, our promise to you: If for any reason we opt not to publish your submitted articles, expect either a full refund or a proportional one based on package usage.

How to Submit? It’s simple. After your purchase, just forward your article and any accompanying assets to or drop them off via our Contact page.

2. Curated Promotional Content Bundle

Looking for more than a one-time feature? Our Curated Promotional Content Bundle is tailored for brands keen on a consistent and impactful presence. One bundle gets you five article spots. Double up, and you have a space for ten! In fact, for those choosing two or more bundles (that’s ten articles or beyond), use the discount code ‘eserfor10’ to get a 10% price slash.

With each article in the bundle, not only do you enjoy the same unrestricted word count, limitless imagery, and no outbound link caps, but our team is also on standby to craft this content for you at no additional cost. Adherence to Google’s guidelines remains our top priority, ensuring your content meets all standards.

Your brand’s narrative, our platform’s reach. Let’s create magic together. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to let your brand shine. Submit your sponsored content today and watch your brand narrative captivate our readership!

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