By Tsvi Jolles

In today’s fast-paced digital age, we’ve become accustomed to quick answers. With just a few words like “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri,” we open up a world of instant information and assistance. But what if we extended this mindset beyond the technological realm? What if we tapped into the vast expanse of the universe to manifest our goals, desires, and dreams? Instead of “Hey Google,” let’s start saying, “Hey Universe!”

We often underestimate the power of intention and the role of the universe in helping us achieve our goals. Just as we trust search engines to guide us to the answers we seek, why not place that same trust in the universe? By addressing the universe directly, we’re not just practicing mindfulness but also reinforcing our belief in the interconnectedness of all things and our place within it.

Imagine if we treated the universe with the same accessibility and directness we do with our voice-activated assistants. When we say, “Hey Google, find me the nearest Italian restaurant,” we fully expect an answer, leading us to delicious pasta. The universe operates on the same principle of give and take, but with energy and intent.

As you practice this, it becomes a mindfulness exercise in itself. By physically holding an object, like your phone, you ground yourself in the moment. This anchors your intention, making it tangible. When you say, “Hey Universe, find me a person whom I can love dearly,” you’re not only verbalizing your deepest desire, but you’re also letting the universe know you’re ready to receive its guidance and blessings.

This isn’t about replacing religious or spiritual beliefs. Instead, it’s about recognizing that our universe—vast, mysterious, and beautiful—is always listening, always ready to guide us if we only dare to ask. It’s about merging modern-day habits with age-old wisdom, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, expectation, and awe.

Now, some skeptics might dismiss this practice as mere wishful thinking or pointless ritual. But countless testimonies have highlighted the power of intention, visualization, and the spoken word in manifesting desires. It’s not about a blind faith but about aligning our energies with what we wish to attract.

So, why not give it a try? Tomorrow morning, as you check your messages or emails, hold your device and instead of asking it for the weather, say, “Hey Universe, guide me through today with purpose and clarity.” Make it a daily ritual. Express gratitude for what you have, while also manifesting what you aspire to attain.

Incorporating this practice can serve as a daily reminder of our desires, keeping us on track. By taking a brief moment to connect with the universe, we’re also connecting with ourselves, our dreams, and our purpose. It helps in keeping those aspirations in the forefront of our minds, constantly energizing our actions in their direction.

While we delve deeper into the digital frontier, let’s hold onto the age-old insights and the immeasurable universe consistently at our beck and call. The power of your desires, voice, and intentions cannot be overstated. Just as our modern devices await our commands, the universe stands ready to listen. The next time a desire stirs within you, take a moment with your device and proclaim, “Hey Universe…” — and be ready for the serendipities that follow.

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