Salvador Dalí, the maestro of surrealism, had an earthly paradise: Cadaqués, a small fishing village on the Costa Brava of Spain. Nestled in a bay of the Mediterranean, it became a significant source of inspiration for him. Had he penned a travel guide about it, it might have read something like this:


“Cadaqués is not just a place on a map; it’s a state of mind, a wrinkle in time, where the mundane meets the extraordinary. Join me on this journey into the dreamy landscapes of my beloved village.”

1. Portlligat – The Window to Dali’s Soul

“Here stands my home, my sanctuary: The Salvador Dalí House-Museum. Every corner, every nook of this place is a fragment of my mind come to life. It’s not merely a house, but a living artwork, a testament to my life and passions. Witness the eggs, the lips, the olive gardens – all symbols that have graced my canvases, now immortalized in the structure of my haven.”

2. The Whitewashed Streets of Cadaqués

“Lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleys, where the white of the buildings is punctuated by the vibrant blues and reds of doors and windows. Each turn might lead you to an art gallery showcasing budding surrealists or perhaps a quaint café, where every cup of coffee serves a splash of inspiration.”

3. Church of Santa Maria

“An emblem of Cadaqués, this church not only offers spiritual solace but also an unrivaled view of the village and the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea. And within, the Baroque altarpiece stands as a testament to the rich history of this land.”

4. The Rugged Beauty of Cap de Creus

“A short journey from Cadaqués, Cap de Creus is where the Pyrenees mountains kiss the sea. Its raw, wind-sculpted landscapes might make you feel you’ve stepped onto another planet, or perhaps into one of my paintings.”

5. The Gastronomy – A Feast for the Senses

“Dine at Compartir, where every dish is a symphony of local flavors, or perhaps at Casa Anita, a personal favorite, where the seafood is as fresh as the morning’s catch. Each meal in Cadaqués is like a brushstroke on the canvas of your journey.”

6. The Mediterranean – The Liquid Mirror

“Stare deep into the azure waters and you might see more than just your reflection. The ever-shifting waves, much like the strokes of my brush, evoke feelings of nostalgia, love, and an overwhelming sense of wonder.”

Epilogue: A Personal Muse

“Cadaqués, for me, has always been more than just a village. It’s been my muse, my sanctuary, and the place I’ve always returned to, no matter where my journeys took me. Come, and perhaps it might inspire in you the same fervor and passion it ignited in me.”

A visit to Cadaqués is not just a trip to another picturesque Mediterranean town; it’s a voyage into the heart of Dali’s inspirations. Every corner, every wave crashing against the shore, every gust of wind carries with it the essence of the surreal, making Cadaqués a real-life dreamscape.

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