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Ah, Scotland! The moment I stepped off the plane, I felt like I’d been transported into one of the enchanting tales I so adore. As someone who relishes the poetic musings of Robert Burns and the historic whispers of ancient castles, Scotland feels like a dreamscape come to life. From its majestic Highlands to its historic cities, this guide is a treasure map for kindred spirits on a Scottish adventure!

Edinburgh: The Capital of Enchantment

Edinburgh Castle

High atop an extinct volcano rests the grand Edinburgh Castle, a stronghold as enchanting as any I’ve read about in my dearest books. The stone walls seem to echo with whispers from centuries past, recounting tales of knights, maidens, and fierce battles. Walking through the castle’s ancient corridors, it’s impossible not to feel like you’ve stepped into the heart of a fairy tale. And ah, the Crown Jewels! A collection of radiant gems and metals so fine they could very well be the stuff of legends themselves. Not to mention the Stone of Destiny, another must-see, historically used in the coronation of Scottish monarchs. This castle is more than just stone and mortar; it’s a living, breathing work of art and history.

Royal Mile

Now, let’s wander down the Royal Mile, shall we? This historic street stretches between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, another majestic residence that’s worth a visit. The Royal Mile offers an intricate tapestry of past and present, where historic buildings house modern shops and eateries. Cobblestone paths and ornate architectural details make you feel like you’re sauntering through a history book brought to life. Each step on these well-worn stones conjures another tale, another era, another fascinating character. Ah, don’t miss St. Giles’ Cathedral! With its heavenly stained glass windows, it’s a place where spirituality meets artistry, as harmonious as the blend of sun and shade in a patch of White Way of Delight.

Arthur’s Seat

For those like me who find solace and inspiration in nature, Arthur’s Seat is a place you’ll cherish. It’s the main peak in a group of hills that decorate Edinburgh, and the trek up to its summit is a journey through time and space. With each step, the cityscape below transforms, and you’re greeted by increasingly magnificent vistas. At the summit, a panoramic view of Edinburgh unfolds before you—each spire, each alley, a tiny detail in a vast, intricate tapestry. The sense of exhilaration and accomplishment I felt was akin to my first daring climb in the hills of Avonlea. Arthur’s Seat is not just a hill; it’s a natural amphitheater where the grand drama of Earth and Sky plays out, leaving you as breathless as the sweeping landscapes of your wildest imaginations.

The Edinburgh Zoo

For a departure into the animal kingdom, I highly recommend the Edinburgh Zoo. Home to a wide array of fascinating creatures, from regal tigers to adorable penguins, it’s like stepping into a living storybook. Just imagine, pandas from far-off China and African lions in the same day! It’s a truly global experience that sparks the imagination, much like the exotic tales of explorers and adventurers I’ve devoured in my reading corner back home.

There you have it—Edinburgh, a city that unfolds like a beautifully written manuscript, each page offering new wonders. This capital city is not just a place; it’s a state of mind where history, nature, and modernity exist in a harmonious balance. And like any good story, it leaves you yearning for the next chapter.

Highlands: The Heart of Scotland, Explored

Loch Ness

Ah, Loch Ness! A body of water so enigmatic, it whispers tales of myths and monsters. This legendary loch holds the secrets of Nessie, its mythical creature, whom I hoped but failed to spot. Nevertheless, the sheer allure of the place was almost magical. Imagine sailing on these waters with a gentle mist caressing your face; it’s as if you’re floating through the pages of a spellbinding ghost story, waiting for the protagonist to make an appearance. Not only that, but the loch is surrounded by green hills so lush, they rival the verdant landscapes back in Avonlea, making me wonder if the spirits of the lake communicate with those of the forests at home. The Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition is a must-visit, offering fascinating insights into the history and biodiversity of this enigmatic place.


Glencoe is the kind of place that seizes your imagination and never lets go. Framed by towering, rugged mountains and interspersed with sparkling lochs, this valley is the stuff of fantasies. As I traversed this awe-inspiring landscape, it felt like I’d been transported to one of my dreamscapes, where the mountains whisper secrets known only to the winds and the lochs serve as mirrors, reflecting stories as old as time. Much like the Green Gables woods where I first practiced the art of “scope for the imagination,” Glencoe encouraged my mind to wander, conjuring tales of ancient clans and mystical beings. Don’t miss a hike through the Lost Valley or a stop at the Glencoe Visitor Centre to learn more about the area’s rich history and geology.

Ben Nevis

When you’re in the Highlands, it would be a miss not to visit Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the British Isles. As someone who cherishes high places for thinking deep thoughts, I found the ascent both challenging and fulfilling. Each step took me higher into the clouds, closer to a sky that looked as though it had been painted with the softest shades of blue and gray. Reaching the summit was like conquering a chapter in one of my favorite adventure books, filled with trials, tribulations, and the ultimate triumph.

Isle of Skye

Last but not least, the Isle of Skye. Known for its rugged beauty and mystical charm, this island is a haven for dreamers like me. The Fairy Pools, a series of naturally occurring blue and green pools, felt like a magical world hidden within the island, one that could easily harbor fairies and water sprites, much like the Lady of Shalott in her island sanctuary.

So there you have it—the Highlands of Scotland, a living canvas painted with myths, natural splendors, and landscapes that inspire the imagination. Like the cherished fields and forests around Green Gables, the Highlands offer endless “scope for the imagination,” each corner filled with potential stories and dreams yet to be discovered.

Glasgow: The City of Culture and Arts

Start your cultural odyssey in Glasgow with a visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Just like the precious moments when I’d lose myself in the worlds between the pages of my favorite books back in Green Gables, this museum offers a rich tapestry of art and artifacts that transport you through multiple eras and cultures in the span of a single day. It’s a feast for the imagination, inviting you to dream as vividly as you would when walking through the enchanted woods of Avonlea.

The Lighthouse

For those with an affinity for architecture, The Lighthouse is a must-see. A treasure trove of design and innovation, this space fills you with a sense of infinite possibility and creative fervor. It’s akin to the inspiration I felt whenever I explored the surroundings of my beloved home, where each room or corner could be the backdrop of a new tale or artistic endeavor.

The Isle of Skye: Nature’s Poetry

Fairy Pools

The Fairy Pools are not just a natural wonder but a call to the imagination. These crystal-clear, naturally occurring pools captivated me, much like the Lake of Shining Waters did back in Avonlea. It feels like a magical realm where fairies might actually exist, hidden beneath the shimmering, enchanting waters.

Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr is an awe-inspiring rock formation that dominates the landscape. It resembles a tall, ancient man guarding the isle. Standing beneath it, you can’t help but feel the palpable energy of Scotland’s untamed wilderness, as if an old sage has whispered wisdoms from eras long past into the very air you breathe.

A Wee Bit on Scottish Fare

Haggis and Neeps

No journey to Scotland would be complete without tasting its traditional fare—haggis and neeps. This hearty dish, rich with flavor and tradition, fills both your stomach and soul. It embodies the essence of Scottish culture, and it left me as satisfied as one of Marilla’s homemade meals back in Green Gables.

Scotland, with its rugged landscapes, historic cities, and rich culture, offers a myriad of experiences that captivate your senses and stoke your imagination. Just as the characters and locales in my favorite novels each tell their unique story, so too do Scotland’s cities and countrysides. They are tales of wonder, beauty, and heritage that I, and any fellow adventurer, will cherish for a lifetime.

Where to Stay in Scotland: Quaint Corners and Cozy Havens

Ah, accommodations! A place of rest is like a mini chapter in the grand story of your travels, offering a sweet pause to your whirlwind adventures. As you journey through Scotland, I have a handful of lodging recommendations to make your stay as delightful as a mug of Marilla’s warm tea on a crisp Avonlea evening.

Edinburgh: The Witchery by the Castle

Nestled beside Edinburgh Castle, The Witchery by the Castle is so named for its spellbinding atmosphere. Its antique furnishings and velvety drapes make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a storybook. Being there reminds me of the first time I entered Green Gables—each room seems to whisper secrets and tales from the past.

Highlands: Inverlochy Castle Hotel

If you’re venturing into the Highlands, Inverlochy Castle Hotel offers a stay that’s as grand as the surrounding scenery. Nestled among the lochs and glens, this hotel offers luxury steeped in history. Each suite has a unique touch, much like each room in Green Gables had its distinct character. It’s the kind of place where even the walls seem to have stories to tell.

Isle of Skye: The Three Chimneys

For a stay as magical as the Fairy Pools, consider The Three Chimneys. Situated in a remote area, this establishment offers a quiet retreat where you can hear your own thoughts, just like I would when I’d wander to my favorite spots in Avonlea. The rooms are snug, and the restaurant offers delicious Scottish fare that would make even Marilla’s critical taste buds sing in approval.

Glasgow: Crossbasket Castle

Glasgow’s Crossbasket Castle is a blend of historical allure and modern comforts. The grandeur of the castle could rival that of any prince or princess’s abode in the storybooks I cherish. The library in the castle took me back to the days I would lose myself in Matthew and Marilla’s modest book collection, each page a doorway to a new world.

St. Andrews: Old Course Hotel

If you find yourself in St. Andrews, the Old Course Hotel is a splendid choice. With views overlooking the famous golf course and the sea, it feels like a setting where multiple tales intertwine—of sports, of nature, and of history. The hotel has a charm that’s distinct yet familiar, much like the schoolhouse where I’d learn and daydream in Avonlea.

Aberdeen: Skene House

Provost Skene’s House offers a home away from home. These serviced apartments offer the privacy to pen down your thoughts or to dream up your next grand adventure. While not as grandiose as a castle, the coziness of the rooms would have been something even Rachel Lynde would appreciate.

Inverness: Culloden House

In the heart of the Highlands, near Inverness, Culloden House stands as a monument to history. The building played a significant role in the Jacobite rising and now serves as a luxurious hotel. The regal environment took me back to the times I’d play Queen of Avonlea in my daydreams, complete with gowns and a royal court.

Choosing where to rest your head in Scotland is akin to selecting which book to read on a rainy day—each option offers its own unique story and experience. Whether you desire the charm of a historical castle, the warmth of a snug retreat, or the comfort of a home-like environment, Scotland offers something to fill each chapter of your travel tale with wonder and joy. Ah, it’s a realm where dreams are woven into the very fabric of the land and lodgings, just waiting for you to arrive and add your own story.

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