Date: September 14, 2023
Weather: Sunny with a gentle breeze
Mood: A mixture of awe and curiosity

Today was a day I had been looking forward to for weeks. Ever since Dad announced that we’d be taking a day trip to Venice while staying in Milan, I had been counting down the days. I couldn’t believe we were going to a place I’d only seen in postcards and in my most magical dreams.

We started our journey early in the morning, gathering at the meeting point in Milan with the rest of the tour group. Our guide for the day was a charming man named Salvatore. As soon as we boarded the air-conditioned coach, he began sharing snippets of history about Northern Italy, effectively setting the stage for the Venetian experience awaiting us.

The 2.5-hour ride flew by as we reached Venice and disembarked for our guided walking tour. Strolling through this fairy-tale city, we crossed several bridges, traversed narrow alleys, and finally arrived at the grandeur that is St. Mark’s Square. Every moment felt surreal—from witnessing the intricate designs of St. Mark’s Basilica to absorbing the historic vibe of the Doge’s Palace.

From Milan to Venice: You can find the link to the activity page on Viator here.

But what amazed me and Tom most was Salvatore’s appetizer story about Venice. He told us that Venice was built on over 100 small islands connected by more than 400 bridges. He spoke about how Venetians had driven wooden piles into the marshy ground to create a solid foundation for the city, effectively defying nature itself. “So, you see,” he concluded, “Venice is not just a city; it’s a testament to human willpower and ingenuity.” I looked over at Tom, who was listening intently, his eyes wide with wonder, mirroring my own feelings.

We also had a chance to witness a glass-making workshop, which was mind-blowing. The artisans manipulated molten glass with such ease and precision; it was art in the most fluid form. Tom was fascinated.

We opted for the additional gondola ride, and it was worth every penny. The world looked different from the low vantage point of a gondola, calmly floating along the canals. The gondolier serenaded us in Italian, and for those few minutes, I felt like I was part of an ancient, floating world.

By the time we got back on the bus to Milan, I felt physically tired but emotionally invigorated. This city had been a feast for the senses and the soul. I sat back, closing my eyes, replaying the day’s highlights in my mind, eagerly anticipating the adventures still to come on our journey.

Tom’s Quirky Joke of the Day:
“Why did the gondolier bring a pencil?”
“To draw his own route because Venice is like a maze!”

Today was another page in the epic tale of our travels, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

You can find the link to the activity page on Viator here.

Jenny Katz
— A globetrotter finding her ink in the world’s stories

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