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Why Choose Lublin?

Lublin is a hidden gem in the heart of Eastern Poland that deserves your attention, especially if you’re traveling as a family. Unlike the bustling streets of Warsaw or the tourist-crowded squares of Kraków, Lublin offers an intimate setting where you can truly immerse yourself in genuine Polish culture. The city effortlessly marries its rich historical tapestry, including medieval architecture and Jewish heritage, with the vibrancy of its local communities, art scenes, and academic life—Lublin is, after all, a university town with youthful energy.

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Lublin is its ability to offer a well-rounded, educational experience for children and adults alike. Between exploring ancient castles, visiting interactive museums, and partaking in outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of ways to keep the whole family engaged. The locals are notably welcoming and often go out of their way to share their cultural traditions and stories—making your visit not just a vacation, but an enriching experience that educates as much as it entertains.

In Lublin, you’re not just another tourist; you’re a welcomed guest. The city provides a perfect backdrop for families to bond, explore, and create lifelong memories, without the commercialism or crowds of more popular European destinations.


Before embarking on your Lublin adventure, you might envision a quaint, sleepy town with limited attractions—essentially a place that pales in comparison to Poland’s more illustrious cities. Prepare to have those expectations delightfully shattered. Lublin is a city that thrives on underestimation only to exceed all anticipations.

While it might not boast as many world-famous landmarks as other Polish cities, Lublin more than makes up for it with its richly layered history and cultural depth. Whether you’re marveling at the haunting beauty of the Holy Trinity Chapel in Lublin Castle, exploring the thought-provoking exhibitions in the “Majdanek” museum, or finding contemporary resonance in its vibrant street art, the city offers a multifaceted experience that caters to diverse interests.

Lublin Castle
Lublin Castle

The green spaces scattered across Lublin provide excellent venues for picnics, leisurely strolls, or letting the kids expend some energy. The city’s culinary scene is a blend of traditional and modern Polish cuisine, with an array of eateries that welcome families with open arms, and menus that offer something for even the most discerning of young palates.

In summary, Lublin is not a city that merely fills a gap in your travel itinerary; it’s a destination that enriches, surprises, and leaves an indelible mark on each member of your family.

Exploring the City: An Emotional Journey

Old Town

Begin your Lublin sojourn with a morning saunter through its mesmerizing Old Town. A living, breathing entity, the town square is steeped in history, its cobblestone pathways echoing tales of eras long past. Families will find the square to be more than just a relic of history; it’s a pulsating hub where children can chase pigeons or dance to the tunes of street musicians. Street performers, from mimes to acrobats, often enliven the square, captivating the young and old alike. Shops around the square offer traditional Polish toys and crafts that make for lovely keepsakes. Every corner turned is a history lesson; every cobblestone crossed is a step back in time.

Get Your Guide, guided walk of the Old Town

Get Your Guide, guided walk of the Old Town
Get Your Guide, guided walk of the Old Town

Lublin Castle

Next on your itinerary should be the enchanting Lublin Castle, a stone’s throw away from the Old Town. Resembling a structure right out of a fairy-tale, this medieval fortress will not only captivate your children’s imaginations but also serve as an educational journey through Poland’s tumultuous past. The castle is home to various exhibitions, including art collections and historical displays. The interactive installations, particularly in the medieval chamber, are a hit among younger visitors, offering tactile ways to engage with history. Don’t forget to venture into the castle’s expansive grounds, adorned with lush green lawns and ancient trees, making it an idyllic setting for a family picnic. The views of Lublin from the castle walls are simply stunning, offering a perfect backdrop for your family photos.

Lublin Castle

Open-Air Village Museum

Leave the cobblestone streets for a while and take a short drive to the Open-Air Village Museum, also known as Skansen in Lublin. This museum provides an unfiltered glimpse into traditional Polish life, complete with recreated rural houses, farms, and even a wooden church. What makes this experience truly magical is the hands-on activities that allow children to connect with history in an intimate way. Whether it’s kneading dough to make traditional Polish bread or taking a pottery class to shape their own clay jars, kids get an educational, yet incredibly fun, experience. During special events, you can also witness folk performances and traditional crafts, making the museum a living, breathing snapshot of Polish culture.


Village Museum, Lublin
Village Museum, Lublin

The Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre

While Lublin Castle provides a broader historical overview, the Grodzka Gate focuses on Lublin’s Jewish heritage. This unique “theatre” is more of an experiential museum dedicated to preserving the memory of Lublin’s Jewish community. The institution combines traditional exhibits with interactive performances, storytelling sessions, and workshops, which can be both educational and emotionally stirring for older kids and adults. The children can engage in activities like storytelling sessions, where they can learn about the community’s history through captivating tales.


Grodzka Gate
By Krystian Cieślik – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Zemborzyce Artificial Lake

For families needing a break from historical expeditions, Zemborzyce Artificial Lake offers a natural respite. Whether you’re keen on renting a paddleboat, trying out some water sports, or simply lounging by the beach, this destination provides the perfect locale for a day of physical activity and relaxation. Picnic spots are aplenty, and there’s also a playground to keep the young ones entertained.

Local Interactions

The soul of Lublin, however, lies in its people. The city exudes a community spirit rarely found in more touristy destinations. As you wander, you’ll encounter locals who are not just willing but eager to share their slice of Lublin with you. Whether it’s the barista who offers a quick lesson in Polish coffee culture by introducing you to the word ‘kawa’, or the elderly museum guide who enriches your experience with nuggets of local folklore, each interaction is a thread woven into the rich tapestry of your Lublin adventure.

Lublin Street Art

For a modern twist in your historical journey, keep an eye out for Lublin’s growing street art scene. Vibrant murals and intricate graffiti pieces adorn the city’s walls and alleyways, each telling a story or conveying a message. These artworks offer both kids and adults a fresh perspective on the city’s culture, allowing you to engage in conversations about modern art and societal issues.

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Where to Stay in Lublin: Best Neighborhoods and Areas to Avoid

Choosing the right neighborhood can significantly enhance your Lublin experience, especially when traveling with family. Lublin offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different needs and preferences. Here’s a guide to help you pick the best area for your stay:

Old Town

For those looking to be in the heart of it all, Lublin’s Old Town is an unbeatable choice. With its cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and proximity to key attractions like Lublin Castle and the town square, staying here feels like stepping into a historical novel. The area offers various lodging options, from boutique hotels to charming guesthouses. This is an excellent base for exploring the city by foot, and public transport options are readily available for trips further afield.


  • Central location
  • Easy access to attractions and dining
  • Rich historical ambiance


  • Can be noisy during peak tourist season
  • Limited parking options

Luxury: Hotel Alter

  • A top-notch choice for those who want to experience luxury in the heart of Lublin’s historic Old Town.
  • Website

Medium: Hotel Ilan

  • Offers comfortable rooms and is just a short walk from key attractions.
  • WebsiteBooking
Hotel Ilan
Hotel Ilan

Budget: Hostel Królewska

  • A budget-friendly option located in the center of the Old Town, ideal for backpackers and budget travelers.
  • WebsiteBooking

Śródmieście (City Center)

Śródmieście is Lublin’s modern city center and offers a blend of the old and new. Here you’ll find not only shopping malls and cinemas but also parks and green spaces where children can play. It’s a great option for those who want modern amenities without sacrificing the ability to explore Lublin’s historical sites, which are just a short walk or tram ride away.


  • Modern amenities
  • Family-friendly parks
  • Access to shopping and entertainment


  • Less historic charm compared to Old Town

Luxury: IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka

  • A classical establishment offering a luxurious experience with modern amenities.
  • WebsiteBooking

Medium: Campanile Lublin

  • A reliable medium-budget choice that offers simple, yet comfortable rooms.
  • WebsiteBooking


For families preferring a quieter, more residential atmosphere, Czechów is a solid choice. This neighborhood offers larger accommodation options like apartments and holiday homes—perfect for families needing extra space. While it’s a bit removed from the city’s main attractions, efficient public transport makes it easy to get to the heart of the action.


  • Quiet, residential atmosphere
  • Larger accommodation options
  • Good public transport links


  • Further away from main attractions

Luxury: Art Residence

  • Though not a traditional hotel, these high-end apartments offer a luxurious stay.
  • Website

Medium: Hotel Focus

  • A modern establishment with good facilities, offering value for money.
  • Booking


Located to the north of the city center, Konstantynów is a mixed residential and industrial area. It’s generally safe but lacks the charm and amenities found in other neighborhoods. This area might suit travelers on a tight budget, but there are better options for families.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Less crowded


  • Limited tourist amenities
  • Lacks charm and character

Luxury: No specific luxury options available in this area

Medium: Hotel Luxor

  • A medium-budget hotel offering decent facilities.
  • WebsiteBooking
Hotel Luxor
Hotel Luxor

Please note that Konstantynów generally has fewer options, especially in the luxury category. You may want to consider other neighborhoods for more extensive choices.

Areas to Avoid

While Lublin is generally a safe city, certain areas are less appealing for tourists, especially families.

Kalinowszczyzna and Tatary

These districts in the southeast and southwest respectively, are primarily residential areas with limited tourist infrastructure. Though not necessarily dangerous, they don’t offer much in terms of attractions or dining options and are far removed from the main areas of interest.

Industrial Zones

Lublin has several industrial zones situated on the outskirts of the city. These areas are not suitable for tourists and don’t provide any recreational or cultural activities for families.

Final Thoughts

For the optimal family experience in Lublin, staying in or near the Old Town is generally your best bet. Śródmieście offers a more modern but still convenient alternative. Czechów could be suitable for those looking for a peaceful, residential environment. In contrast, areas like Kalinowszczyzna, Tatary, and industrial zones are best avoided as they offer little to enrich your Lublin experience.

By selecting the right neighborhood, you’re setting the stage for a fulfilling and memorable Lublin adventure. Make your choice based on the type of experience you want to have, and you won’t go wrong.

Where to Eat in Lublin: A Culinary Journey for Families

When it comes to dining, Lublin is a city that doesn’t disappoint. Its food scene is an appetizing blend of traditional Polish flavors and international cuisines, offering a range of options that cater to families, as well as those with specific dietary requirements like veganism. Whether you’re looking to indulge in authentic Polish pierogi or enjoy a cup of ‘kawa’ (coffee) in a quaint café, Lublin has it all.

For an authentic Polish meal, head to Mandragora in the Old Town. This family-friendly restaurant is renowned for its traditional dishes like ‘Bigos’ (Hunter’s Stew) and a variety of Pierogi. The rustic interior adds to the cultural experience.

  • Address: Grodzka 9, 20-112 Lublin
  • Website

Schronisko Smaków
A bit off the beaten path, this restaurant provides a genuine local experience. With its warm, welcoming atmosphere and delicious Polish cuisine, it’s worth the extra effort to visit.

  • Address: Bernardyńska 13, 20-109 Lublin
  • Website

Vegano Cafe
If you’re vegan or curious about plant-based eating, Vegano Cafe offers a range of vegan delicacies from burgers to desserts. The café supports local farmers, so you’re also partaking in responsible tourism by dining here.

  • Address: Narutowicza 17A, 20-004 Lublin
  • Website

Dining in Lublin offers a flavorful journey through Polish culture and beyond. With the city’s wide range of eateries, your family can savor an array of culinary delights that will make your trip all the more memorable.

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