Visiting Israel: the experience of a lifetime


Many of us wait for that special time of the year, when we take some off work – and travel abroad to new locations. This year, in attempt to make your yearly travels unique and more enjoyable, we recommend touring Israel. Whether you are Christian or Jewish and live in Northern America, you are more than welcome booking a travel package to the holy land. You will undoubtedly experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Our search for meaning never ceases, as we keep engaging in spiritual journeys. In order to enhance your spiritual growth, taking interest in holyland tours is the answer for you. Are you planning your next vacation abroad? Are you interested in guided tours in Israel? To learn more about Christian and Jewish tourism from North America to Israel, contact E.D.I. Travel. This company, founded by veteran tour guide Boaz Shalgi, specializes in guided tours to the Holy land. 

Exploring the Holy land 

Every single day brings about new adventures and facts. This joyful and unique journey we call life hold many surprises and experiences waiting for us just around the corner. One aspect of this unique journey includes travels abroad, and learning about new cultures. This year, instead of planning the same vacation, to the same familiar locations outside North America, we wish to interest you in Israel group tours.

From visiting Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada to the Sea of Galilee, E.D.I. Travel offers unique Israel bible tours. Israel, also known as the holy land, holds many sacred and exciting locations significant to Christianity. In addition, the holy land holds different air and smell – and by the end of the tour, you will become overwhelmed with emotions. 

There but for the grace of God go I

E.D.I. Travel offers many tours to Israel: from catholic tour, visiting the holy land in chronological order to exploring how the Hebrew bible and the New Testament come together – the experts in E.D.I. Travel will surely lead the way. Furthermore, this company offers breakfast and dinner, good service, structured route and more. For more information, contact: +972-77-4100985 or free at 1-855-200-4334

השאירו תגובה