Hotel Review: Dan, Tel Aviv. The Good,The Bad, and The Out of Date

דן תל אביב

Dan Hotel is one of the best known hotels in Tel Aviv thanks to its architecture as well as the unique colors on the side facing the sea (visual work by the artist Yaakov Agam). The hotel can be easily seen from Bograshov Beach and Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv. These two beaches are located right at their mouth and this is alsoprobably the hotel's largest asset throughout its long years of operation.

Long years of activity can be a good sign. In the case of Dan Hotel you should take into account that not everything feels up to date and new. There are quite a few rooms that will feel like a backdrop from the 80's, so the experience is very dependent on the room you are getting.

Here comes the first and important tip: The building of the hotel is built of three wings in the form of the letter H. The western wing facing the sea, the eastern wing (on a higher level) facing Hayarkon Street and a third wing connecting them. Of course, from the wing facing Hayarkon Street you can not see the sea. Do not compromise on a room that does not face the sea. In addition, you should upgrade to the executive room. These rooms are more modern and offer space and privacy and especially a better value for your money.

The hotel is ranked 7.6 out of 353 reviews in It's not much but it's not too bad either. Of course, the location wins the highest score 8.8 – all other categories such as cleanliness, facilities, hotel staff, comfort and the Internet are given mediocre grades. The most troubling thing is 'value for price' with a score of only 6.5. This is a low score compared to other hotels in Tel Aviv.

da, tel aviv
מלון דן תל אביב

The hotel is located at 99 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv, in the same area where Pension Kateh Dan was established and operated in the 1930s. In the 1950s a new building was inaugurated and in the 1960s the first buildings were demolished and Dan Tel Aviv was established as the first large hotel on the city's seashore. Then they built the hotels in a lie down form, the newer hotels all stand high.

Frishman Beach and Bograshov Beach are the ones adjacent to the hotel but also Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv Marina and Gordon Swimming Pool are a pleasant few minutes' walk in the warm sand of the Mediterranean Sea. Banana Beach, Aviv Beach, Hilton Beach, Nordau Beach and the rest of Tel Aviv's beaches are also within walking distance. A march south will take you to Jaffa. Within the city itself you can walk to Meir Park, Sheinkin Street, Nahalat Binyamin and more.

In conclusion, a well-known hotel with shuttle to the airport, maximal proximity to the happiest and most active beaches in Israel. It holds an architectural value, but it is important to be careful in choosing the room and generally keeping expectations not too high. This branch of the Dan Hotel is not the most up-to-date, but it is definitely a distinguished hotel with a history and an impressive list of celebrities and prominent figures choosing it for their stay in Tel Aviv.

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