Speak English? Become an English teacher in Israel!

English teachers in Israel

Education Ministry and Talpiot Academic College of Education launch free program to train.

The Talpiot Academic College of Education has launched a new program to train native and near-native English-speakers to become English teachers in Israel.

The one-year program will offer a full scholarship to students “compared to other colleges, where it’s a partial scholarship,” said Marsha Hachmon, the Coordinator of the program.

Hachmon stated that the program allows native English-speakers “within a very short period of time, to become English teachers, to have a really good job that they’ll feel very happy in, and to contribute to Israeli society while they’re doing it.”

Participants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

All courses offered during the program will be given in English, so immigrants will not have to worry about learning Hebrew to complete the program and receive their teacher’s certificate.

Hachmon noted that the demand for English teachers in Israel is so high “that the Ministry of Education decided to open up this program to allow native speakers to quickly, in a very efficient and a very focused way, to get their teacher’s certifcate and to be able to work and to find a job.

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