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My Soulful Sojourn in Corfu – 7 Day Connect to Yourself Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Retreat

Prelude: The Invitation to Corfu As an artist whose work revolves around one-line drawings, the [...]

Exploring the Soul of Italy: A Day Trip from Florence to Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, and a Tuscan Winery Lunch Experience

By: Danny DeVegan III Why I Chose This Experience Tuscany. The name alone stirred up [...]

What I Saw & Did in Marseille, France

By Danny DeVegan Le Panier: The Old Town My first stop was Le Panier, Marseille’s [...]

Danny Devegan’s Guide to Columbia, South Carolina

By Danny DeVegan The Prelude Ah, Columbia! The Capital city of South Carolina had always [...]

Navigating Twilight—My Dusky Voyage on the Bosphorus

By Danny DeVegan The Allure of the Waterway Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait has always captivated my [...]

From Capital to Coast: A Family’s 10-Day Exploration of Poland

Written and illustrated by Jenny Katz Day 1-2: Warsaw – The Heart of Poland: A [...]

Journal Entry: A Day at Disneyland Paris

By Jenny Katz Oh my gosh! Today was like stepping into a fairytale, only it [...]

From Cafés to Pride: My Emotional Tapestry in Tbilisi

By Danny DeVegan III Before We Dive in Georgia, including its capital Tbilisi, has a [...]

From Vegan Cafés to Queer Bars: 10 Days in Berlin

By Danny DeVegan III Day 1: Arrival in Berlin I arrive at Berlin Hauptbahnhof via [...]

Journal Entry: Our Unforgettable Day Trip from Milan to Venice

Date: September 14, 2023Weather: Sunny with a gentle breezeMood: A mixture of awe and curiosity [...]

Pizza Class in Napoli with My Family

By Jenny Katz Today was an adventure—one that led us into the heart of Naples, [...]

Louvre in Three Days: The Ultimate Katz Family Journey

By Jenny Katz Day 1: The Louvre Unveiled – From Mona Lisa’s Smile to Egyptian [...]

Jenny’s Travel Journal: 10 Days in Normandy, France 🇫🇷

By Jenny Katz Day 1: First Impressions of Rouen Today was a whirlwind as we [...]