Between $200 and $2000. Ticket price for the Hamilton musical

הקאסט של המילטון

The Hamilton musical is already an international production that runs not only on Broadway but worldwide. By 2021, Hamilton is expected to land in Australia, having already arrived in London and of course stormed the United States. Hamilton tells the story of one of America’s forefathers, Alexander Hamilton.

On Broadway, Hamilton performs at the Richard Rogers Theater. Although we read recommendations on one or another theater blogs that one must purchase tickets for the show six months in advance, reality is slightly different, even very different. Tickets for Hamilton are available for this week’s shows and even tickets for the best rows right across the stage. Of course the price gaps are very large between sitting in one of the rear mezzainines  and sitting in front of the stage.

You can find tickets in the rear mezzanine starting at $ 130 and depending on the date you choose. A little further but still in the mezzanine we found tickets for $ 230. At $ 280, one can find some tickets to the left of the orchestra. Tickets for Hamilton can also be obtained for $ 400- $ 500, and in the best rows across the stage we found tickets in the secondary market for a price ranging from $ 1000- $ 1500. Quite a lot, but there are probably those who are willing to pay to see Hamilton from their comfort.

אולם המופע שבו עולה המחזמר המילטון בניו יורק
אולם המופע שבו עולה המחזמר המילטון בניו יורק

The musical which is only second to the Lions King in terms of box office success began in Chicago in 2016. The first tour was set in San Francisco, from where it came to London and naturally to off Broadway and Broadway. Hamilton (the musical) is decorated with 11 Tony Awards including the Tony Award for Best Musical, another Grammy Award for the Musical Album and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The biography on which the musical is based was written in 2004. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical, bought the book at the airport while on vacation from another successful musical. He read several chapters, realizing it was going to be his next musical and the rest was history, literally.

It is interesting to note that although all the men portrayed in the play were of European descent, the stage performers are a mix of actors, including blacks and Hispanics, and this is the author’s intention to make the story and history accessible to today’s audience.

Tickets for Hamilton musical can be found on or on secondary markets like Ticket Network where there is a good chance of finding tickets in prime locations. The Hamilton productions in Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa Oklahoma, Omaha in Nebraska and San Francisco, in addition to the international production in London.

In Chicago tickets are priced at $ 84, but there, too, for better seats, you’ll pay $ 200 to $ 500 and even $ 1600 right across the stage. In San Francisco, the lowest ticket price we found was $ 135 and prices go up to $ 1000 for the best locations.

Hamilton’s upcoming shows at the Richard Rogers Theater, New York

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