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How to find an IT job – Chapter One: Udacity

Let’s say you read these lines and you still have no training for one of the sought-after professions in companies that can hire you overseas. An interesting and accessible option is to acquire a professional education in the field of technology and computers through an online course . This way you can keep your day job and with an effort of 10 to 20 hours a week to progress towards the goal.

there are many websites that offer online courses in technology and two of them are Udemy and Udacity. One uses the suffix of the word academy in English and the other does the same with the word university. The comparison between the two reveals the essential difference. While the first is a platform where anyone can build a course and try to sell it, at Udacity you will find courses written and prepared by professionals only.

One refreshing and interesting innovation of Udacity is a diploma called Nano degree. This is an online degree that can be obtained in six to 12 months with costs about $ 200 a month (up to a maximum of $ 2,400 for a full course). When you complete the course, you will have basic programming skills – ones that will bring you to an entry into many technology companies.

On the Company’s website one can see the courses catalog, find out about each course (what’s the total timeframe and how many hours it takes to complete it), download the syllabus and find out if any prior knowledge is required. All courses come with 1-on-1 mentor access, a trainer who makes sure you don’t get lost and the promise of creating projects that are relevant to the market.

In the past, Udacity has offered a lot of free courses and there are still a few hundred such courses, but today the free ones are usually a small part of the paid courses. The demand for online training in the technology professions is high enough for the company to restrict access to paid courses only.

It should be noted that the Udacity Nano degree is not a college degree and is not recognized by universities (except for a number of local collaborations in the United States). This is still a very good way to build a portfolio of projects and apps. Among the most popular courses from Udacity: the Android Learning Course, Introduction to Computer Science, a course that promises to turn you into data analysts, an autonomous car engineering course, a new UX user experience course, Artificial Intelligence product management, and programming basics with Python.

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