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Celine Dion’s North American show dates have been announced until April

Celine Dion’s story is well known. She comes poor family of 14 children, and music was always a part of her life. Even her name, Céline was an inspiration from a french song released sometime before she was born.

Along the East Coast

From September 18, Celine will appear in Quebec, her hometown, and toward the end of the month in Montreal, Canada. The same is true in early October.

As of October 18, she is entering the United States with her first appearance in Cleveland Ohio and after that in Louisville Kentucky, Cincinnati Ohio, St. Louis and Kansas City in Montana.

In November, Celine Dion arrives in Minneapolis and in December the popular singer is expected to appear in Chicago as well as in Buffalo and Albany in New York State. Then back to Toronto, Canada and again to Boston. The final performance for this year will be in Boston at the T Di Garden Hall.

In early January 2020, Celine Dion will land in Florida in hopes of warming slightly and escaping from the lower temperatures in the north. She will remain in the south of the United States with a performance in Atlanta on January 11 and then in Nashville, Tenn.

On January 13, Celine Dion will return Florida this time to Tampa. Two more Florida shows are scheduled in Miami.

Towards the end of January, the tour comes to Charlotte North Carolina and from there west to San Antonio Texas. Houston Texas and Dallas are also planned and later Tulsa Oklahoma.

From February 22, it will be possible to see Celine Dion again in the north, in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and also Brooklyn New York.

At the end of February, she will arrive in Washington, DC, and also make an appearance in Colorado.

Currently the farthest shows are scheduled in California in early April in Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco.


The average around $ 200.

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