Businessman Boris Wolfman focuses on supplementing energy requirements through sustainable and eco-friendly sources of energy

The demand for energy is increasing and it will continue to increase exponentially. With industry, processes and routines increasingly depending on energy-driven processes and activities, this need for energy will continue to rise. Industry will find the crippling effects of non-availability of energy if players in sourcing and delivery of resources fail to meet requirements. This is precisely why companies like Royal Innovative are critical to the landscape of businesses in Europe. An important entity in the sourcing and delivery of coal and manganese, this company has continued to consistently keep the supply chains moving efficiently.

Led by entrepreneur Boris Wolfman, Royal Innovative has extensive interests in various sectors. The practices followed by the company, the level of professional expertise, the knowledge base and the experience of the teams, combine together under the able leadership of Boris Wolfman to deliver results. An Israeli by birth, Boris is an astute businessman who has grown from strength to strength by virtue of the exceptional handling of varied business interests. He now commands an empire that transacted business worth five hundred million Euros in the year 2018. This is a testimony to the extent of the successful enterprising activities.

Kazakhstan is one among the few locations in central Asia, which belonged to the erstwhile USSR that has extensive and rich deposits of coal and manganese. Availability of natural resources is one part of the solution. The equally if not more important part is the ability to extract the resources in a cost-efficient manner and transport them to distant lands for use in industry. Royal Innovative is involved in the trading and transportation of these natural resources from Kazakhstan to various locations in energy-starved Europe. The company has impressive experience in bulk carrier logistics and helps businesses by handling the complex supply chains involved in the transportation of coal and manganese.

One of the success formulas of Royal Innovative has been the ability to stitch together agreements between multiple stakeholders in a manner that benefits all. Boris believes in ensuring that everyone is benefited from any business activity. The margins that are presently available in most business activities have scope for offering profits or sustainable livelihoods for all concerned. In other words, business strategies that are planned and executed at Royal Innovative focus on ensuring that the supplier, the buyer and all stakeholders involved in the trading of coal and manganese from Kazakhstan are benefitted. The procurement price, the terms of the procurement, and the manner in which the shipment is handled ensures that the buyer gets a good deal, without affecting the interests of the seller.

The tie-ups that Boris Wolfman has managed to put together with multiple mines in Kazakhstan and industries in Europe has helped to keep the wheels of business activities moving in the right direction. Shipping and logistics are one of the core activities of Royal Innovative and this supports the wide-ranging trading interests of the company in various products and services.

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