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The 10 Best Hotels in Eilat, Israel for 2019

1. Isrotel Yam Suf

Isrotel Yam Suf (Red Sea) offers a fine and glorious breakfast as well as… very tasty. The hotel is within walking distance of Coral Beach and visitors claim that this hotel offers a very good value for money. The kind of places you will probably want to return to because of the good atmosphere. The staff is very courteous. The hotel is located in the more southern part of the city and the rooms are mostly spacious, bright and with a balcony. There were those who complained that the chairs on the balcony were not comfortable enough but you will probably forget all these little problems immediately after you return from breakfast or wake up in the morning after sleeping on the comfortable bed offered by the hotel.

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2. Isrotel Royal Beach Eilat

A number of visitors have complained about the wireless internet service and still this hotel enters our list with ease thanks to the facilities, cleanliness and location it offers. There are those who claim that this is the best hotel in Eilat with large rooms, spacious, modern and designed (in part, even in a romantic atmosphere). The bed, including the mattress, bed linen and pillows, are praised but above them is the view, First line on the water. The location in the center of interest and the promenade and the hotel’s restaurants are also considered outstanding.

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3. Dan Eilat

Dan Eilat, which is located on the North Coast is another hotel that can not be excluded from a list of best hotels in Eilat. Here also the breakfast is praised but above all the location of the hotel. A lot of people wrote about Dan Eilat that … everything was excellent …. good breakfast, winning location, clean rooms, courteous staff, excellent service and a feeling that you can be happy with your choice of vacation. It seems that each and every one of the hotel staff had undergone strict training.

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4. Neptune Eilat

Neptune Eilat also wins due to location and breakfast. In general, if you are going to open a hotel in Eilat, you should take care of these two things because they are the ones that will bring you high on every list of this kind. For dinner on Friday, there were those who claimed that it was too expensive but as stated no one complained about the location and the overall food is praised. Employees who like their work is probably a key to good and functioning hotels and here you will find some who definitely make guests praise this hotel and feel at home. The hotel also excels for couples looking for a romantic destination. What else is waiting for you at the Neptune: spa, sauna, poolside bar, games room and other surprises, mostly positive.

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5. City Resort Palmora Eilat

City Resort Palomora offers a shuttle service from and to the airport. Very good hotel with a high standard pool. The kind of places that will pamper you with all kinds of good stuff, bedding, towels, toilet paper and everything you need. From the hotel’s door you can walk to the sea. The pictures of the pool and the apartment are beautiful but it looks even better in reality. A good place not only for couples but also for families who come to Eilat and wish to spend a vacation with all the advantages of a well-equipped apartment, ie kitchen, dining room and so on.

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6. Ritz Eilat Suites

Ritz Eilat Suites is located on “Sderot hatmarim” 1 (Palm Boulevard No. 1), an address that will be easy for you to bring in. This Ritz breakfast does not rise to the same heights as in other hotels mentioned on this list, but the staff is great and so are the location and price. The rooms are praised both for cleanliness and for what is inside them, such as air conditioning or television. Even the coffee at this hotel gets a good score. And how long will it take you to go to the promenade and the beach? No more than five minutes. It is not a huge hotel and from the outside it does not necessarily look particularly impressive but the rooms are renovated and quite large and there are many restaurants and shops around so you are probably going to enjoy the vacation.

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7. Herbert Samuel Reef Hotel Eilat

The Herbert Samuel Reef Hotel Eilat is another hotel that receives high marks in almost all categories. Rich breakfast, distance from the beach, large and well equipped rooms and more. One of the hotels that the word intimate can be attached to. If you are a water sports fan, a surfing club awaits you. The parking arrangements, according to some critics, require improvement, but the hotel’s great location compensates and if offers good value for money. Close to the coral reserve and adjacent to the last resort restaurant.

8. The Leonardo Club Hotel Eilat, all inclusive

Located on the North Beach. Here too the Internet service does not get high marks, but everything else looks very good. Quite a few visitors commented that the hospitality was no less than perfect. Children can also enjoy this hotel. in the summer they can get free ice cream and popcilcles. Movies and a gymboree are also included. There were those who complained about the lack of shade and the lack of sun umbrellas, plus a long line to the water slides or even in the dining room, but, still, this is a very good hotel with good value for money.

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9. Herods Vitalis Spa Hotel Eilat

Belongs to Fattal Hotels network and enjoys prime location. Offers outstanding hospitality thanks to the exceptional design and many treats offered to guests along with courteous service from the staff. The rooms, at least some, are large and offer a balcony facing the sea and the mountains. A hotel where you can definitely find a lot of peace and quiet. The pool will also help you find peace. There were those who complained about the television and that the reception was bad but it could be a matter of the weather or a particular device. There are also impressive suites if you want to upgrade. A good hotel and a good choice for those looking for peace and quiet in Eilat.

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10. Soleil Hotel, eilat

A boutique hotel on 12 Tarshish Street, boasts a breakfast that went far. There are those who complained that the curtains do not block the light in the morning and that there is no separation between the bathroom and the bedroom but in general you will discover that this boutique hotel is unique, clean and quiet with a delicious and tasty breakfast. Being not large and mass, you will also gain personal attention, which can certainly change the feeling on the entire vacation. People who were at the Soleil Hotel and came back claim that it is even getting better. However, this hotel is probably less suitable for families looking for activities and attractions for children. It is a quiet hotel in total and is also one of those you might want to return to. Two minutes from the sea …

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