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What is the Minimum Salary in Romania and How Much Money Do you Need to Live There?

Romania is a great chice for those seeking a country within the EU but with a lower than average cost of living. For those who think about retirement and at the same time for digital nomads whose income does not depend on where they live, Romania is surely a country that jumps high in the ranking of options.

The minimum wage in Romania has been rising in recent years, and currently stands at 1162 RON, which is slightly more than 280 USD. The average wage in the country is 2360 RON, which is about 580 USD. This average should be treated with caution as it embodies all the cities of Romania In large cities such as Bucharest, Constanza, Timisoara, Brasov and Cluj, one one can expect even higher wages. At the same time, in smaller cities wages will be closer to the minimum wage.

1000 USD a month is just enough

If you have a salary of 1000 dollars a month, for example a retirement allocation or some passive income you can live completely comfortably in this super affordable country and in fact there are also several proffesional fields where you can earn in Romania and still live a very comfortable life. Of course, this is IT with salaries of more than 1180 euros on average, the oil production industry which offers salaries of about 1000 euros on average, various heavy industries with an average of close to 1,000 euros, the insurance and pensions offer average salaries of 950 euros per month.

The housing market provides a variety of options and allows foreigners to find apartments relatively easily, for example in Bucharest (the preferred destination for expats who choose to settle in Romania) but when it comes to education and healthcare the situation is different. Many of the expats who come to Romania choose private medical insurance, and this is also true of the education system. Of those who choose to settle in Romania, many prefer private international education to their children over the free public education.

For those with European citizenship, moving to Romania is easier than foreigners who do not have such citizenship and want to settle in Romania, since the Romanian bureaucracy is a high hurdle that is not easy to deal with.

The brasov option

Although Bucharest is Romania’s largest magnet, for those planning retirement or retirement in this country there is also the option of Brasov. Brasov is one of Romania’s largest cities but, close to a mountainous area and many resorts, offers two things Bucharest can not offer. First, cooler weather in summer (of course it is colder in the winter) and a slightly more relaxed atmosphere with a lot of tourism vibe, which can certainly be suitable for those looking for peace and quiet.

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