The Weirdest Thing that Happened in One of Our Tours? A Tourist Asking Why Did Hitler Build The Wall

Hello, Nadav. How was your company born and since when do you operate in Berlin?

The company was founded in 1996. Insider Tour Berlin wanted to show Berlin visitors its history in a fun, entertaining and exciting way. The company tries to help guests ‘understand’ Berlin.

How many people work at the company?

Four full time staff, Five part time staff, a few ticket sellers and approximately a pool of 50 self-employed, independent guides.

How are your tours different from those offered by other companies operating in Berlin?

The quality of the guides, and our philosophy of telling the history of Berlin in an informative and entertaining way.

What is your most popular tour?

The Famous Insider Walk. In this tour our guests will see all the main sites, from the Berlin Wall to the Brandenburg Gate, from the site of Hitler’s bunker to the Reichstag parliament building and much, much more

And the best tour that people do not know enough about?

Berlin Today/Alternative Berlin. In this tour you get a sense of the true face of the city today, beyond the tourist trail. During this tour we pass by four very different Berlin neighbourhoods. We discover a city where gentrification is rife, alternative culture is thriving, immigration and assimilation are adding diversity and corporate culture is continually transforming the urban landscape.

What’s the one thing people do not know about your company?

That we have real experts in almost every field – battlefield tours, architecture, alternative/grafitti, Berlin’s museums, etc.

What is the profile of a company tour guide?

knowledgeable, a great communicator, story teller and a fun person.

Which destination in or around Berlin would you like to add a tour to?

We already do – Potsdam, Sachsenhausen and Dresden.

We offer you an airplane with your company logo and a few hundred excited travelers sitting inside. To what destination in the world do you fly them?

Berlin. This is the city we love, that excite us and since we live in the city we want to bring here as many tourists as possible.

What tourists do not know about Berlin?

That it has more bridges than Venice

What have you learned about the city over the years from the tourists who travel with you?

That there is always more to see and do in Berlin. Visiting Berlin each time is like peeling back the layers of history.

What’s the funniest or the weirdest thing that happened to one of you in Berlin?

A tourist asking why did Hitler build The Wall.

What favorite destionation in Berlin in not covered by any of your tours?

All favorite destinations are covered in our tours

Which nationality makes the most fun to travel with?

All, it is the mix that makes it fun.

How will your company change over the next five years? Do you have plans for the future?

We plan to expand by offering more specialised tours.

How much does a tour ticket cost?

Average rate for an adult is EUR 14

Is is required to book in advance or is it possible to buy in place?

No need to book in advance, guests can just buy a ticket with cash on the morning of the tour. Customers do get a 10% reduction when they purchase the ticket online via our website.

Finally, give us a recommendation for a cafe or restaurant, but not for tourists …

Schwarzwaldstuben. One of the best German restaurant in town, that uses, primarily, local products.

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