The Map Will Tell You Where the Most Clean and Friendly Beaches Are in Italy

Blue Flag Beaches is a concept that has been gaining momentum in recent years. An environmental organization that has created the Blue Flag rating updates each year which beaches have entered the list. In Italy, where there are no less than 7,600 kilometers of coastline, 342 beaches appear on the prestigious list of beaches. All of then can raise the blue flag (even if not on the ground).

This year, more than 50 new beaches were added to the list, which certainly indicates an encouraging trend in the Italians’ attitude towards cleanliness, safety and accessibility. 32 criteria face every beach before it receives a blue flag degree, including clean water, facilities for bathing, accessibility, environmental conditions and more.

The one “Regione” that stands out in the absence of its recommended beaches is Lazio where the capital Rome lies. For a clean and comfortable sea experience you will have to continue north to Tuscany or much to the north to Liguria, which leads with 27 blue flag beaches. Another outstanding district is Marche in the east.

Here is the map, followed by a few stunning pictures from some of the blue flag beaches we’ve chosen for you

Santa Margherita, Liguria

As we have said, Liguria in the far north of Italy is the queen of clean beaches. Here is the beach of Santa Margherita where the sand is soft and pleasant

Taking full advantage of this beach because you can actually sit on it without being stabbed by a rock ??

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Marina di Pisa

We will start moving towards the south of the boot along the western shores. Here is the nearest beach you will find to the Tower of Pisa. The picture is probably inspired by the leaning tower.

Oggi non ci sono per nessuno!!!#Tintarella#mare#relaxtotale#sole#ppaceassoluta#?#?#?#

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Cecina in beautiful Tuscany. Well, what else to say, another blue flag beach. In Tuscany this year 19 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag title.

|Il mare è l’abisso colmo fino al limite|?

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Marchiana Marina

Here is a picture from a restaurant on an island called Porta Praiau. Even if you are a hiker who knows Italy well, there is a good chance that you have not made it yet to this special beach so far.


The first blue-flag beach to be reached from Rome is Enzio (southwest of the capital).

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Continuing south on our magical journey along Italy’s unfinished shores. Near Naples there are no blue flag beaches. Further south, in the Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, we found the beach in Positano, in fact several beaches in Positano, which were on the list.

Rochelle Unica

By skipping a lot of beaches in southern Italy we reach the spike of the boot. Another great blue beach.

סנטה תרזה די ריבה

קפיצה קטנה לסיציליה בה למעלה מעשרה חופים כחולים

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Posto Vecchio

“The old place” looks like a place for young people, right at the heel of the boot. This is the southernmost beach in Italy that has been honored.


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The eastern shores of Italy as well as the cities in the east attract less attention from tourists. That does not mean there are no great beaches there. On the contrary, the density of clean beaches in the east actually rises.


We will end up with a beach that has the perfect name (Jellyfish). The coastline is in northern Italy along the eastern coasts.

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