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25 Things to Do in Berlin

Samuel and Audrey, two video bloggers who travel the world have visited our city and made this helpul vlog episode with 25 recommendations. For those of you who have not yet been in Berlin, this can certainly be a starting point for planning your trip. Have fun

Video recommendations:

  1. East Side Gallery – One mile of the wall, full of art.
  2. Brandenburg Gate – one of the ancient gates that led to the city. Today the symbol of the union between East and West Germany. Next to the gate, the Adlon Hotel, where Michael Jackson dangled his baby over the hotel balcony.
  3. Tiergarten – a sane option to walk around downtown. Was once the hunting ground of kings chasing after deer.
  4. Mauer Park – the place for hipsters. Here you can drink beer, barbecue, look for bargains in the flea market and enjoy music and karaoke shows. The best day is of course Sunday.
  5. Friedrichshain – cafes, galleries and all the vibe you need in one neighborhood.
  6. The Curry Wurst sausage – not exactly a place but a local experience. You will not find a list of things to do in Berlin without the hot dog.
  7. The Reichstag building – the glass dome is open to visitors. Do not forget to register in advance.
  8. Tempelhof – What used to be an airport now allows you to go on the runway and landing of the planes with your dog, skate, run, fly kites and everything that makes you feel free.
  9. Museum Island – Five museums and you can buy a ticket that will give you access to all five.
  10. The Holocaust Memorial – a very organized architecture that at the same time confuses the senses.
  11. Charlottenburg Palace – a real palace and the last remnant of the Berlin monarchy. Besides exploring the rooms and the halls, you can also admire the beautiful gardens outside.
  12. Check Point Charlie – the place to be photographed where the border once crossed.
  13. The television tower near Alexanderplatz – the highest in the city. Upstairs there is also a restaurant.
  14. Rittersport Snack – Not a must, but a local taste worth trying.
  15. The Cathedral of Berlin – one of the most beautiful churches in the city (on the island of museums). The dome was damaged during World War II and was renovated.
  16. The Curry Wrest Museum – Have we told you that you can not escape hot dogs?
  17. Bicycle Tour – Bikes in Berlin can be rented for about € 10 a day for most companies.
  18. A boat ride along the Spree River – if you are tired of walking and you want to enjoy the city at the water level.
  19. Yes, the sausage again. This time with mustard. The price is usually less than two euros.
  20. The flea market in Friedrichshain – the market that attracts a large crowd is held every Sunday. From truntables through kitchenware to everything else.
  21. German breakfast – rolls, sausages, cheese and other surprises.
  22. Cafe for Cat Lovers – Drink coffee and let the cats rub you.
  23. Schnitzel – with German noodles or without.
  24. U-Bahn and S-Bahn – the convenient way to get around in town and not pay too much.
  25. Turkish Donner – Berlin is also Istanbul in some parts of it. Try a local donner.

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