10 Things You Shouldn’t Do While in Greece

1. DON’T forget your suntan cream and insect repellent. The Greek sun isn’t kidding, neither are the insects.

2. DON’T throw any paper in the toilet, unlike what you do in most other countries. There is always a waste paper basket/bin close by, which will be taken care of by the cleaning staff

3. DON’T hesitate to taste Greek traditional dishes: they are delicious and keep in mind that cooking with olive oil is the secret to low cholesterol

4. DON’T refer to the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (that’s to the south of Serbia) as “Makedonija”, because it would drive Greeks mad! To them, it’s just F.Y.R.O.M. (pronounced “FEErom”)

5. DON’T suppose that it is easy to find an open supermarket on Sundays: unless you are in a crowded summer resort, you will soon realize that the vast majority of shops are closed on a Sunday.

6. DON’T underestimate Greek bureaucracy: it can drive you – as well as Greek citizens – crazy!

7. DON’T suppose that you can party wildly, get drunk or use drugs: the legislation is one of the strictest in the world, so be on the alert!

8. DON’T take it for granted that the road network is in good condition all around the country: in many islands or in the countryside, it is in bad shape. So, drive cautiously!

9. DON’T forget that strikes can happen any time: they can affect museum working hours too! Be informed before you visit even the Acropolis.

10. DON’T let the above mentioned tips put you off: Greece is a country blessed by the Gods and Greek people are always hospitable and fun to be with!

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