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I Boost Natural Beauty at Any Age and Emphasize it

Local Business with Hagit Itah, Professional Makeup Artist.

Hello, Hagit, tell us where we are.

Clinton Hill neighborhood, Brooklyn, New York.

When and how did you get here?

We moved here in September after living ten years on Long Island. We decided to change the atmosphere and also wanted to be close to my husband’s place of work and eliminate the long journeys from Long Island to Brooklyn.

What is your business name?

Just Beautiful. Here is the link to the Facebook page.

What is the idea behind Just Beautiful?

I am a professional makeup artist and I run a facebook page where I give beauty and grooming tips. I promote the natural beauty and emphasize it, adjust the makeup to every age, trying to correct the necessary and repair it in a natural way.

How is your business different from similar businesses in the field?

I have patience and will. I give personal attention and always convey knowledge and information that I have.

What is your dream when it comes to your business?

Reach thousands of customers. To know that they read my advice, implement, respond and profit.

And your personal dream?

Helping women help themselves feel good.

If you were not in Brooklyn, where would you like to live?


What do you like best in New York?

The colors the city has to offer. The colorful and varied attire. The vintage shops, street art in general, and street paintings in particular. The fact that there are so many restaurants and places to sit for a coffee.

And what do you least like?

The uneven sidewalks.

The strangest thing that happened to you in the city was…

I met a man who put a huge speaker with music while he waited for the subway.

Sounds pretty normal to New York. Can you give a tip for a firstcomer to the city?

Take a walk and visit all the recommended places.

Can you recommend another business in the city, which is not yours?

Yes, a restaurant I enjoyed very much. Miss ada.

You come from Israel. What do you miss most about your home country?

Family, sun and food.

What special benefit can you offer our readers?

10% discount.

Best way to contact you…

Send an email to

Call 6462875339

Leave a message on my Facebook page

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