6 Great Israeli Tour Guides That Will Uncover Berlin for You (in English, Too)

קרדיט תמונה: אמיר סטקלוב, Go on Berlin

The Jewish tour? The Best of the city? The Culinary? Potsdam Palaces? Most tour operators and tour guides operating in Berlin offer tours of similar names, but a closer look reveals their differences. So what is the cheapest tour? The most popular? Best suited for families? All the answers are inside

1. Nadav

Nadav Gablinger has been running his tours company for two decades. In addition to the regular tours such as the Jewish and alternative Berlin, Dresden, a foodies tour and the “Best of Berlin” his company also includes a city tour called “The Wall and Communist Berlin”. and an evening stroll ensuring a visit to Berlin’s trendy neighborhood and a free alcoholic drink. Alongside Nadav is his wife, Tamar, who writes a popular blog about Berlin.

The company is also known for the low prices it requires for the tours and the discounts it gives, for example, pensioners, students and young people under the age of 26. This adds to the possibility of additional discount for the Welcome Berlin Card holders. Even when only a single participant appears at the meeting point the tour is on,

הטיולים של נדב
הטיולים של נדב. גם בחורף

2. Amir in Berlin

Amir, The founder is a graduate of the Beit Zvi Acting School near Tel Aviv, Israel and a former Habimah player. The tours that he and his guides conduct include a theatrical and humorous approach when necessary.

In addition to group tours that depart every day at 10 am, Amir also offers private tours that can depart from your hotel in Berlin.

The company has become very active and now offers wide array of tours. Tours in English can only be taken as “private tours”.

אמיר בברלין סיורים בעברית
אמיר בברלין. היתרון התיאטרלי

3. Itay Novik – Elements of Food

He came to Berlin after studying in Milan, Italy, but soon found out that here, too, there was something to eat. Found out and stayed. Today, Itay offers history and culinary tours, and if you travel with him you will certainly hear about his other occupations, such as food designer, stylist and chef in food photography productions.

If you want to know Berlin through its flavors, Itay is definitely the right man to guide you. On his Facebook page you can get an impression of his culinary activity,

The tour lasts about four hours and is accompanied by theoretical and “tasty explanations” of representative dishes. From unique cheese shops to the oldest market in the city, Turkish cuisine and unique regional features.

4. Amir Steklov – GoOn Berlin

Amir offers private tours in Berlin with personal touch and attention to your interests. Amir is a professional filmmaker and photographer with more than 10 years of experience, and in the past worked in the Israeli channel 10 as a video editor. Amir combines professional photography with tours. After the tour you will get hundreds of pictures that are edited and organized for you.

Amir Steklov says that his passion for cinema stems first and foremost from love of storytelling, and as a tour guide in Berlin, he continues to engage in storytelling. His motto is: If I enjoy the tour, you will also enjoy it. “I moved to Berlin to enjoy life, and I invite you to the celebration.”

In addition, Amir, who is also a local food expert, offers tours of breweries and street photography workshops in Berlin.

קרדיט צילום: אמיר סטקלוב

5. Oren Kahanovich

For Oren Kahanovich, tour guidance and the relation-connection between Israel and Germany are a way of life. He guides Germans in Israel and Israelis in Berlin, lives in Germany for more than 10 years and has a family there, Oren explains not only history but also the Germanlife and culture today, their attitude to Israel and life in Berlin.

Oren operates his tours from the city’s most familiar meeting point, Alexanderplatz. Five types of tours are currently offered: the best of the city, the Jewish tour, east to west, a culinary tour and a bicycle tour in Potsdam. Groups are limited to 18 participants only.

Oren has a YouTube channel with dozens of videos about Berlin – from useful information and tips to information about special places few come to. He also offers a lot of information for travellers who plan to visit Israel.

6. Berlin Tours Leah

The company offers five types of tours: Jewish Berlin, the alternative Berlin, the “Best of” tour and tours to Potsdam and Dresden. In contrast to Nadav’s tour where walking + public transportation are the way to go, here there’s a private bus that stops at the main points. The price is higher, but for those who prefer to experience the city from the top of the bus, this is a convenient choice.

The company takes pride in the organized groups they have traveled with so far, such as the employees of Bank Leumi, Bezeq, Menorah-Mivtahim, the Teachers Union, and more.

Their Internet site is the only one that offers information in Arabic and Russian in addition to English,  German and Hebrew.

ברלין טורס לאה
ברלין טורס לאה