Still Dependent on Airbnb? 9flats Offers Holiday Apartments in Berlin and New York

דירת נופש בברלין, רק 48 דולר באתר 9flats

What began perhaps a decade ago with only nine apartments has become a profitable business on a global scale over the years. Most of you probably know Airbnb from San Francisco, but how many of you have heard of the German Stephan Uhrenbacher who initiated 9flats?

The idea is familiar. Instead of staying at the hotel and paying a high price per night, you can rent an apartment or an "authentic" home from a local tenant (who may have gone on holiday himself), pay less and feel like a local. The trend is that: today's tourists seek to escape the conventions of the past, ie, hotel accommodation or visiting the must sites. The new tourist is more comfortable, especially in the home of local hosts – even if the vacation apartment is located in a neighborhood far from attractions.

Down in Singapore

If the world is a global village, then we are all a family and Orenbacher's business has managed relatively easily to raise tens of millions of dollars from investors' funds. 9flats has made a number of acquisitions of competing companies – an acceptable step in the field – to expand the pool of rental properties to North America and Singapore. In fact, the German company was the first to enter Singapore even before the strong competitors from California.

Today the list of cities with a strong presence includes several names that have been made headlines because of the local authorities' struggle with Airbnb and the imposition of restrictive laws on vacation rentals. For example, you will find holiday apartments in the cities of Berlin and Barcelona – two well-known Airbnb refuseniks, along with London, Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome and Havana.

Strong in Berlin

After buying a rival company in North America, houses and apartments across the Atlantic are also included on the company's website (which reports 6 million homes and holiday apartments worldwide, all privately owned). For many, this means another option except airbnb or VRBO.

Before choosing a vacation apartment through the 9flats website, it is recommended to check the veteran competitors from airbnb and see by city and region which of the two has a better supply of apartments. The chances are that 9flats will have an advantage in Berlin. The company invests considerable effort and has bought a local company with a large apartment pool.

45 dollars a night

In our survey of 9flats we found in Berlin about 340 apartments in a price range that starts at $ 34 a night to an apartment with two beds and up to expensive apartments that will take you more than $ 200 a night. Most of the decent apartments will cost you from $ 70 a night.

In New York, Holiday apartments start at $ 200 and can also reach amounts of more than $ 1,000 a night. In the case of New York, a good apartment in a good location will probably cost you about $ 400 a night.

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