16 Clubs Berlin Won't Be The Same City without

Our nightlife expert Guy Gross went out to discover the city and returned with the most up-to-date recommendations for you. If you're looking for a really worthwhile club here in Berlin, chances are you'll find it on the list below

Madame Claude

In a former brothel in the Kreuzberg neighborhood near Gorlitzer Park there is a special bar with live shows by young bands. The whole bar is upside down: chandeliers on the floor, tables on the ceiling, excellent for a selfie!! The bar contains rooms and corridors that remain from the original brothel so you can explore it for hours…

A special and hallucinatory place.

Open every evening from 19:00 to 3:00

Address: Lübbener Straße 19

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The Berghain Club is one of the most famous clubs in the world thanks to its award-winning sound system and the hard selection at the entrance. The club is known as the "Techno Church" and is one of the reasons why tourists visit the city.

If you are able to pass the selection, the party will continue throughout the weekend from Friday through Monday. The club is located in an abandoned power plant and has two different clubs: Berghain (open on weekends) and Panorama Bar (open all week).

Suitable for techno enthusiasts who are looking for the best sound quality in the world. The chances of entry are close to zero, and waiting in line can last more than two hours during the entire weekend.

The name of the club is derived from the names of the neighboring Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain neighborhoods. The music venue is techno-only, most of the audience is gay but everyone can enter. Here are some tips to help you move through a selection:

1. Do not look too happy or excited.
2. While waiting, keep silent, do not touch the phone in any way.
3. Wear pure black or something very bizarre.
4. If you are over two people, split up.
5. If you are gay, your chances of entering are better. If you are two straight couples, split into two male and female pairs.
6. Check for party theme and say this to the selector if asked. Don't make direct eye contact.

Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof

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40 seconds

This Dance Bar / Club is located in a high penthouse above the city's rooftops and is considered to be the most prestigious in the nightlife of Berlin. Stars like George Michael, Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Muller and Tara Reed have been here in the past year.

Enjoy panoramic views of Berlin through three surrounding balconies. R'nB black music and hip-hop DJ's are most dominant.

Sport Elegant dress code will suffice, but not sneakers. In addition, you can reserve the club for private events such as a birthday or a wedding, in the hope that you really found a bride here. The club is located on the roof of an office building in Potsdamer Platz and is called 40 seconds as this is what elevator takes to reach the club floor.

Address: Potsdamer Straße 58

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Spindler & Klatt

A great place on the banks of the Spree River for dinner and for an integrated party. Wayne Diesel and George Clooney were here during the visit in Berlin, indicating that the place is really rare.

The restaurant is located on a wooden deck with white sofas on the riverbank, and on a floating raft – also with a thin wooden (carrying charcoal).

The club is covered inside a former industrial building and is decorated in an elegant and luxurious style.

Opening Hours:

Restaurant: Friday-Saturday 20:00, Sunday to Thursday 18:00.

Club: Friday Saturday 23:00 to 06:00.

Sometimes the place is closed for private events especially in fashion week, it is recommended to follow the events on the attached Facebook page.

Address: Köpenicker Straße 16-17

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BIrgit & Bier

An open-air club with indoor spaces (different music in each), including alternative seating areas and circus and amusement park remains from the eighties. For some it reminds of a well-designed scrap lot.

The club is located on a small island in Kreuzberg near other clubs. A fascinating underground design. You can explore it for a whole night without a dull moment.

The club hosts food festivals such as the hummus festival and the kebab festival. During the summer months the club is open continuously throughout the weekend – Thursday through Sunday morning. In the spring, Friday and Saturday from midnight until 10:00. In winter it is less advisable to arrive because the club is not covered and cold.

Address: Schleusenufer 3

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Water Gate

Located on the Spree River next to the Oberboim Bridge, the water-level club and glass windows offer the most beautiful views of the river. A small and luxurious place. Excellent sound, amazing LED lighting reflected on the shiny floor, outdoor seating area on the banks of the river.

The club produces many events throughout the city and has a reputation throughout the world.

Address: Falckensteinstraße 49

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The glitzy club is located in Potsdamerplatz and operates mainly on Friday and occasionally on Thursdays and Sundays. It boast a young and very lively audience of 18-35. There is a high entrance fee of 20 Euros, while other clubs in the city charge half or offer free admission.

Friday offers Women's parties with strippers, men can enter.

Saturday is all about Black and House.

Thursday and Sunday If open – are theme nights.

Address: Eichhornstraße 4

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מועדונים בברלין


The club is located in Alexanderplatz, across the street. Entrance is from the Otto-Braun-Straße street. Inside you'll find a young crowd, ages 18-27 and mainly students. the design is basic and colorful but not very impressive. Best location for those who live or accomodate near Alexander Platz. Changing parties every evening:

Thursday: R'n'B | Black | Hip Hop Classics: Black Thursday
Friday Selected R'n'B | Clubtunes: We Love Traffic
Sat: Free women until 23:00, 10 € after, men 8 € to 23:00, 10 € after, discounts for students.

Address: Alexanderstraße 7

Facebook Page


A new club that is just three years old, quite impressive design with a young crowd of 18-30. Close to Alexander Platz, open on weekends:

Thursday: Pop Party

Friday: Black Music R'n'B | Rap

Saturday: House Hip Hop | Disco Pop

Transportation: U5 Schillingstrasse One stop from Alexander Platz

Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 34

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A huge and very famous club, open every evening throughout the year. Electronic music mainly House, Deep House, Progressive House, combined with an artistic show by Gogo girls.

The club is considered very touristy and contains tourists from all over the world! You will hardly find a local Berlin audience here, but this is an excellent opportunity to meet other tourists.

Open every day and always full, so it is recommended to arrive during the week while the rest of the clubs are closed. Free dress code, easy selection and short queue,

Young audience: 18-25.

Located near the East Side Gallery in the Warsaw Square in the heart of the city's nightlife, you can easily reach the U1 line from the Küdam to Warschauer Station, or the S-train from Alexanderplatz.

Address: Warschauer Platz 18

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It's a restaurant throghout the day and one of the happiest clubs in Berlin at night! Located next to the Holocaust Memorial with the luxurious Adlon Hotel on the back.

Mainly characterized by Sleezy parties with a cool crowd and cheap drinks until midnight. A dress and heels will win you free entrance and a free drink until midnight.

If you plan on moving from club to club, start with this one.

There are theme parties every evening combined with Gogo art performances. It's a club that rarely disappoints. Design is in style, great crowd in glamorous clothing, entrance starts at 55 Euros.

Address: Behrenstraße 72

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This Club is number one for black music, House hip hop and  R'n'B. It's located under the Hilton Hotel in Gendarmenmarkt and is considered one of Berlin's most popular clubs.

The Bricks is decorated in a luxurious lounge style, and boasts a young audience of 18-40 with lots of joy of life and excellent music. At the end of the party you will enjoy quality photos, courtesy of the Israeli Gili Shani who will upload them to the club's Facebook page.

You can arrive to the club easily with the U2 line, StadtMite station. This is a must-try club. Dress code is free. You can enter wearing a suit or a beautiful T-shirt.

Address: Mohrenstraße 30

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The Adagio club is one of the most impressive and nicely decorated in the city. Located in Potsdamerplatz, adjacent to the Grand Casino, there are theme parties every night, black music, hip hop, pop and house. Also artistic pole dancers and New York style hostesses. You're probably not going to get disappointed here.

Sometimes a unique dress code is required according to the theme of the party.

There is also a VIP area where you can book a table and a drink package including Redbull, vodka and chasers. In most cases a dress and heels will get you in for free.

Top Picks:

Lady Lake: Everything women like (including strippers, sports instructors who give tips and supplements)
Candy Girl: A colorful party with free candy
White Knight: White Party – White Code Only
Black & Wild: A cabaret party featuring a show
Festive parties: in Hollywood or carnival style, Venice and more.

Address: Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1

Facebook Page

Maxim Club

A wild club that is open every night. Mondays and Wednesdays are all about bachelorette parties (without the need for a groom) including strippers. The men are in a separate room. On other days, mixed parties with an artistic dance performance. Women in dress and heels enter free until midnight + first free drink for those who click going on their Facebook event page.

Address: Joachimsthaler Straße 14-19

Facebook Page

The Pearl

Club and bar in elegant design. Located in the Qudam area near the zoo. The line is changed every night. It is recommended that you track the events on the Facebook page. On Friday, hip-hop and black music, on Saturday electronic music. Dress code is sport and elegance. One of the most prestigious clubs in Berlin today. Selection is not easy but worth trying. Price around 10 euros…

Address: Fasanenstraße 81

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Kit Kit

Liberalism is not a dirty word! Certainly not in Berlin. The city revolves around sex and world-class Fetish practices. You do not have to participate – you can only watch. You are assured that the anthropological experience you will experience in the KitKat will be exceptional! Come with an open mind – no matter what your sexual tendencies, here you'll enjoy, even too much!

The club operates on Thursdays and Fridays. There are different theme parties every evening. It is recommended that you check their internet site for the dress code before arriving at the club. There is a strict selection on clothing!

Clothing Code: Fetish (Leather / Latex / Sports / Nude / Superheroes / Professional / Uniforms), Bizarre, Sexy Underwear, if none of these, then just black . Do not come with sneakers and jeans.

Inside the club: two dance floors with different music, surrounded by cot beds, a nude swimming pool, a dark gallery for intimate group games and a cellar if the gallery is overloaded.

Top Picks:

Saturday – the famous Fetish party.
Friday – last Friday of the month Gay party.
Thursday – changing parties, Goa, India, Hindi style…

Address: Köpenicker Straße 76

Internet Site

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